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This section is the most difficult. While it is nice to be able to operate music and lights from the computer, there will be times when the computer will not be accessible. This chapter of the guide will outline other control methods. Once again, this guide provides instructions for standard home automation setup, and the user may improvise where needed.

Figure 4-1
First, AppleScripts must be set up to control Thinking Home. The best way to do this is to use Automator, a program built-in to all current Apple computers. To control Thinking Home, choose "New AppleScript" under the Variables tab, and write a simple script. The address codes used in the “Lights” chapter must also be used here. The paragraph below contains a sample code that will turn ON the light that has been set up with an address code of “A3”. To turn the same light OFF, change the word “on” in the second line of the sample to “off”, or change the address code to a different light. To change the state of multiple lights, add another command before the “end tell” line.

tell application "thinking home"
turn on "A3"
end tell

After the AppleScripts setup is complete, add it to the workflow in Automator. Then, go to "Save As", and save AppleScripts as an application. If AppleScripts is saved as a workflow, it will not work. Saving the application as something that is easy to say and putting that file in speakable items folder is recommended. The controls for iTunes are already made in Automator, so no scripts must be written for that feature. Add iTunes to the workflow, and follow the same steps that were used to save AppleScripts. Once all of the scripts are finished, the scripts can be combined to control certain lights and music at the same time. For example, a single script command can be used to turn OFF a porch light, turn ON an over-desk light, and start a music playlist. Previously created scripts can be executed from other programs like "TweetMyMac" or "iPhone Remote" to provide different mobile ways to control the home automation system.